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drop of water

قطرة ماء


Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize 2021

cheering youth in front of a water punp

First Prize 2021 Winner

drop of water has been recognized with its ongoing non-profit extraordinary provision of service program under the selection criteria of:

  • Active Engagement for Vulnerable Communities
  • Promotion of Sustainable Initiatives for Social Change

drop of water has been awarded the Frist Prize Winner of the Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize in March 2021.

A Story of Hope

Watch the video for a short summary of the work that was recognized with the  Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize (YbCEIP).

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About the Organization

cheering youth in front of a water punp

Providing drinking water to all Sudan inhabitants

drop of water is a non-profit, non-governmental organization officially registered in Sudan.

Our primary area of focus is proving clean drinking water to areas lacking sustainable water supply and clean water infrastructure.

We are executing projects that will materialize our ultimate goal of availing clean water supply to all Sudan inhabitants with focus on underserved and well populated areas.

Our Vision


Striving to set the benchmark for humanitarian organizations focusing in drinking water supply and associated projects by availing drinking water to targeted underserved community.

Our Values




Social Equality 

Our Mission

Spearheading drinking water campaigns that ensure access to quality drinking water by all people with focus on highly populated underserved communities.

Drop of water will work diligently to motivate and engage all entities including governmental and non-governmental bodies that can have positive impact on providing clean water to humans.

We will strive to ensure our projects are echo centered utilizing renewable energy as primary source of energy.

We will conduct our initiatives focusing in strategic, result-oriented, precise, structured and ethical practices while maintain close engagements of local communities.

Our Goals



Increase collaboration with targeted communities to benefit from their knowledge and skills in finding suitable solutions.

Collaboration with local communities will increase sense of ownership for targeted projects and boost community support to sustain projects and initiatives.

cheering youth in front of a water punp

Opperational Excellence

Reach the highest level of philanthropy operational excellence by focusing on collaboration in all levels, continues development of the organization’s personal, and building robust organization frameworks and work processes.



Partner with local and international technical authorities to benefit from their cumulative knowledge, obtaining accurate and scientific information to ensure projects’ success.


Increased potential

Increase the potential of drinking water humanitarian work in Sudan by building strong partnerships with similar local and international organizations and becoming the leading drinking water non-profit organization in northeast Africa.

Get Involved

We welcome everybody who actively wants to support our organisation’s mission and goals.


Any financial support is highly appreciated
and most welcome.